Principal's Message

This is the era of change especially in the field of Education where the dimensions of knowledge are changing day to day. Knowledge is expanding at a tremendous pace and the technology as a catalyst is changing the face and structure of Life. The new skills and competencies have become a key element in ensuring quality in the process and product alike. Therefore, to cope with the modern challenges, the development of skills at frequent intervals is imperative. We need to focus on our skills and attitude if we positively think to lead the new era. At the same time we need to be prepared to welcome change in the right perspective.

In this ever changing scenario the scholars of technology are expected to be more specific as they have more grave responsibility on their shoulders. They need to be updated and they should have the capability to explore the new dimensions of achievements. They also need to justify the actual gamut of knowledge by expanding the virtual limit of imperial conviction about knowledge. I wish you all the best.